Sunday, March 15, 2009


My life is a movie...

Where the characters make my everyday more interesting.
I write and all of them take life.

I'm living and living my own!

Stories come out of my fingers like they where just made for me.
Thoughts are not thoughts no more, but a reality.

I don't sleep I just think of a next move
a next story, a next chapter...

People have to always talk,
cuz they know there is more of me than just what they see.
There is something more that attracts them.

I don't think to high of myself, but I am just me
and is exciting to discover always something new.

I write in ink the story of my life
waiting for some more chapters!

Monday, March 02, 2009

bye bye London

Words don't start to describe how I feel. My love for you is pure as a baby smile. Last night was a magical night, although you are leaving I feel closer than before. I was blessed the day I met you and everyday I'm even more to actually have you in my life. Amazing and Positive... to words that describe you just perfect. You are one in a million and I'm glad everything happen for a reason because you just happened to happen!

to my big sister of life "Jess"