Friday, December 24, 2010

Se pierde...

Se pierde el foco de la razon, aquella por la que estamos aqui
La esencia de quienes somos desvanece en el tiempo.
A dejado de existir la inosencia de cuando niños.
Los corazones se endurecen,
la economia coge su propia cara.
Y la base de un pais
se convierte en imperio dominante abusivo a la libertad.

Ya no existe, lo que una vez fue, dejo de ser.

Lo que nos enseñaron, se perdio en el desierto y sus torbellinos de arena.
El amor es solo una palabra que se escucha bonita
ya nadie tan siquiera sabe su significado.

Somos reservados para nosotros mismos...
primero yo, segundo yo y tercero (si existe tiempo) el resto del mundo.

Ya no se sabe lo que es una buena conversacion
sin palabras irientes.
Una compañia
sin agendas escondidas.

Se a perdido la esencia,
quienes somos,
lo que nos enseñaron
y la alegria.

La naturaleza misma esta en nuestra contra.

Se a perdido sin esperanza en recuperar lo que una vez fue nuestro.
Solo queda en el recuerdo aquellos buenos tiempos.

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Does it really exist that place where you can detach yourself from this one?

Sometimes I'm misunderstood!

There's a way my head works and not everyone can really put the pieces together on how it does.

I see things everyone else don't pay attention to.
I resolve things by just taking the time to listen to my ideas in silence.
When I don't have a solution for something I need to make sure my next step is not invaine and if it is i need to prepare myself for the fall.

I don't understand if I am my own world...
Why do I have to prove myself to be in tune with everyone else?
Just because society says is the rule.

I don't want to be mixed up.
I don't want to be one more face.
Im tired of the repeated story,
Even more to be misunderstood!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I felt blue the other day,
but then a sunshine sneak out from the cloud
and it turned white.
But with the every day rain,
now is gray,
which is not that bad.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's a BIG world...

Sometimes I don't know where I'm heading.
I feel so lost in my own translation.
I do not know what's going to happen next
And to tell you the truth,
I don't even know if I'll make it for tomorrow.

Sometime I just wish I could die.
I know I might sound to dark about to cross the insanity line.
But I do wonder, what's at the other side.

I don't want to continue stressing
Even less hurting.

I am not heart broken, at least not yet.
But this life it's not getting any easier.
I try my best to be optimistic,
To open my arms for possibilities
Keep options open.

But this world it's so BiG
It just kills the dream.

I know there are many like me out there.

No matter what you do,
How you do it, and how many times you try...
It just seems worthless.

I feel defeated, although I know there are worst than me
They just don't pay my bills.

Damn life, I just wish things where different.
Stable job, house, better car and no debts.
Maybe then my boo would stop looking at me...
The way no one likes to be looked at.

I wish things where different,
Maybe I would still have strength to continue.
But I don't know if I care anymore.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Se a perdido!

No existe perfección.

No existen trabajos sin fallas
Tampoco, familias sin disfunciones
Muy pocos amigos genuinos.

Y ya, los amores puros casi en extinción.

Hemos perdido dirección
La conciencia y humildad.