Sunday, September 07, 2014

Somewhere between there and here

Once again in that place called limbo...

Not here or there, but somewhere in between I got lost.
I am not sure where I belong anymore.
I've experienced every feeling in the dictionary.

I was brought all the way to the sky, thinking for the first time I was comprehend.
A life created in a magical world
For the witch to come and destroy it because she wanted the happiness, the one she couldn't have.
For the first time... the witch won!
Only because I didn't have strength to fight.

I am done with love.
My last bone of trust was broken into pieces.
I don't wish the bad to anyone...
But I know Karma is a bitch.

The last hope to reconstruct my soul is God!

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Celiac Disease, my hero!

After almost one hour of writing, when I now come back to it the whole thing is empty. Yay me, let's see how this is going now,  I'm inspired!

Hello, my name is Jiny and I have Celiac!
You: Hi Jiny!

I was diagnosed two months ago, right before my birthday. - Yay, happy birthday to me!!! - It wasn't easy to actually know what's wrong with yourself. You see for the longest time I had all the symptoms,  but I didn't have health insurance, until my girlfriend at the time now fiancée, a job found her and at that place they provide health insurance for non traditional living partners. We went thru a lot of paperwork and we pay a lot of taxes and what not but it's been worth it. So for the longest time I've been feeling bipolar, I didn't understand what was going on with me that I couldn't control my emotions, I felt tired all the time, and I was going to the bathroom constantly. It was affecting my relationship to a certain point, even my work, but I didn't know until I was found with the condition was a few days before my birthday, (my 30th so imagine how I was feeling, depressed).

The thing about it is that I should have known better about this, my brother tested negative, but I tested possitive. I inherited it from my mother. At first I was depressed now am sad. Is hard to adjust, but am happy to know what's wrong with me and that I can do something about it. But sad because I can't imagine the times that my mother fought with this symptoms when every doctor in Puerto Rico that she went couldn't tell her what was wrong with her. More than 10 years passed when my mom finally found out. I now understand everything that ever happen in my life. My mom's is definitely a strong woman, brave and patient person. She is my hero!

Friday, May 09, 2014

Nunca jamas...

Nunca, jamas... es la mentalidad de muchos.

Pensamos que jamas se lograra llegar a ello.
Que es ello? Ello es todo aquello que se convierte en algun punto en tu vida en miedo, frustracion, alegria, tristeza, logros, derrotas...
En fin todo los sentimientos y eventos en la vida acompañados de antonimos.

Nunca me enfermo, pero un buen dia pasa.
Jamas sere feliz, pero algo extraordinario sucede que al final descubres que si.
Nunca vere un milagro, entonces precencias el nacimiento de un pequeño serhumano.

Jamas y nunca, palabras sin base ni fundamentos, porque jamas viviras por siempre como para decir que nunca pasara.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Living together and a home based business - Part II

Is going to be almost a year since I wrote about this particular topic that goes well together.

I don't have an assistant to call every time something needs to get done, nor I have the manpower to do what a multimillion dollar company does. Yet I always want to give the best in everything I do, with high-quality.

Like I mentioned before it's been almost a year and here I am worked in a few gigs here and there... a wedding, a few photoshoots, and the CD design of Domingo Quiñones for his new release "de vuelta al amor". It has been quite a journey where I've cried many times thinking this ain't going nowhere (but good things are happening), where I've had to work part-time for a company that is going nowhere (but I am thankful I had it) and all I wanted was to work from home. So that's where I am now in a crucial moment in my life where I work my own hours for two amazing companies and the flexibility of dedicating the necessary time to the creative part of my own endeavours. I am blessed, God has given me what I asked for. I also have to say that my girlfriend has played an important role in this whole thing. She has been my support in every possible way, she has been there like no one ever has. She is a perfect example of what people are capable of achieving if they put their mind into it.

I can say is not easy, but when you think and feel in your heart you want something, just say it aloud, because when you release that energy it transmits and starts putting things in motion, then you start working towards it. As simple as that!

I have learned to be patient, to love, to bless others even when they don't deserve it. Be love to receive love!

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Woman, man, child... love is a lifestyle

Straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, drag queen
Love is a lifestyle.

It doesn't matter how is brought to us love is love;
And is a lifestyle because you have to live love in order to be love and give love.

If love is hidden it won't last because the ambivalence of what's going to happen a year from now is very hurtful.
I think that when you love someone it should reach the maximum expression and that's not shown in the closet.

Straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, drag queen it doesn't matter who you are and/or what you are love should never be a secret, because when is a secret love fades since it was made to be free.

I think that most homosexual relationships don't last because someone at some point put love in the closet thinking that's protecting somebody else, which at the end everyone ends up hurting.

If we all allowed love to be free, more relationships would last because it gives the reassurance of society, friends and family that is ok to love regardless of color, orientation or ethnicity.

Woman, man, child... love is a lifestyle.
You want love? Be love, give love and let it free.

World, STOP being so judgemental and speak your mind instead of avoid reality.
STOP worrying about what others might say, maybe then we can all live happy.
World, STOP is about time we respect individualism.
Is not about gay or straight,
is about r-e-s-p-e-c-t,
is about individualism,
is about love.

Love conquers all, as long as the intention at heart is pure.

Love is a lifestyle because is not easy to give and be love.
Is a decision of loving everyday regardless of the imperfections or ups and downs that might bring.