Saturday, June 22, 2013

Living together and a home based business - Part one

Is the beginning of a new life, the adventure to explore the love, commitment, loyalty, communication, and enjoy the ride.

Love is more than just a feeling is the commitment you make to each other (partner, lover, friend or family) to be love even when you don't feel it. Because a feeling changes constantly, from happy you can get sad in an instant, therefore even those days when you hate life you still need to love those who you want to continue to keep close. But to love others you have to love yourself.

I am love, because I love.

Loyalty to myself to be able to keep a balance between work, my time and for others. Is a though task when you have a home based business. But I've learned nothing is impossible.

In a moment you can change your whole future, because living in the present, remembering the past gives you a better perspective into what's going to happen next.

I changed my future because I remember my past and live the present working hard to receive the results I want.

Nothing is easy, a year ago I begun a journey that is going to change my entire life. I open my own business and as an entrepreneur I know this is a hard task because you always have to keep a balance.

This is the beginning of the rest of my life!