Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I want to write the best book, poem, song there is out there!
But then I wonder if I will ever be good enough,
then I hear this stories about those who became famous in a day for just writing in the worst of their life.

Now, here I am. Just trying.
Not to become famous, but to give to the world in return of the many lesson learned.

If I was to give what the world gave me, I would probably be in war with it right now.

But, don't we have to change our ways of thinking?

My parents thought me to fight bad with good,
which sometimes many of us forget to do so.
Simply because it's easier.
But at the end of the day
what good do you get for yourself after doing bad with bad?

I know for me is more of the same,
of that thing that I complain so much about... OTHERS.

Then if I can't change others, I'll change my own ways.

No, not really changing.
More like re-adjusting my old believes with what I know now!

Think about it...

If you would know then, what you know now,
I bet you would have done things differently back then.

Well, now I have the opportunity to do that.

To learn from myself, from others, from the world and make the best decisions for myself from this point on.

Because if I'm tired of the same things the world offers,
then I might as well give the world the option of something different or more like someone.

And proof to the world that it is never to late to...
Make a difference and be different.
To change, be better and feel good about yourself.
Not just because, but with a purpose of leaving a mark somehow.

I heard once that if you want something bad enough you will get it.
But you have to move towards it to put things in motion.

I know I still don't have all the answers to my doubts and questions and all those thoughts in my head.
But I will try everything as long as I live to uncover those I can,
to understand them and embrace the learnings.

This is not the beginning, yet not the end.
This I can say is my meantime of finding what is lost!