Sunday, February 24, 2013

Family First

Like I've said many times before, "life is short". I know we all have some complaints about the family we could not choose for ourselves, but at the end blood is heavier than water.

Family comes first. Something that my parents have thought me. Over and over again they have shown me who they are even when they don't say it out loud. I can see in my mom almost an angel, a compassionate, loving, caring, strong, hard worker, dedicated, organized woman. Is amazing how she is able to fit a week schedule in a day. My dad, a great provider, workaholic, self-starter, business man. Thru him I learned that the only way to survive in this world and be able to enjoy something good is by working. With them together I learned to love, to support each other, that a relationship is a teamwork effort and takes time to find perfection. But regardless of the day to day there's always time to spend together and talk; there's always time for respect and show love.

I am blessed to have parents that fought for the love they have and didn't allow the surroundings to affect it. I am blessed to have the love of my parents!

Family first, always!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


To taste the flavor of such softness
And explore every corner.
To feel the warmth,
Explosion of feelings;
Sweet words.

Lucky, to find each other
In such broken world.

To find love
To have yours
For you to have mines.

Making our surrounding nauseous
they are just jealous they didn't find it first.

You are my lucky charm!