Friday, June 13, 2008

I once thought I had my life all figured out.

Now I have no clue in what I want and were I'm going.

All I know is that I'm here living the moment. Trying to get what I want step by step while I figure out my deepest desires and dreams.

I know I can achieve whatever I put my mind into.

I'm an spontaneous, creative, lovable, sincere, crazy, respectful person and devoted to people I love. What you see is what you get, no hidden agendas.

When I love I give more than a hundred percent. I walk the extra mile, with no regrets what so ever. I always put my best out there no matter how many times I get hurt. Cause I think life is just one. Moments pass and never come back. So if I see something good in front of me I just grab the opportunity, you never know maybe that will be the beginning to the rest of my life.

One thing I know.

I know what I want out of love...
Someone that can love me as I am. With my ups and downs. With my flaws and virtues. Someone who wont get tired of me saying "I love you", but who is whiling to say it back from the heart. Who is not ashamed to grab my hand down the street or kiss me in the middle of the mall. Someone who will be faithful just because she loves me. I want someone crystal clear, with no hidden agendas. Someone who will do things with me even if its not something she is crazy about it, but will learn to like just cause it makes me happy. I want someone I can trust with my eyes closed, someone who will be there for me; not just a friend, but a lover and a partner. I'm intense, so I want someone who will be up for it. And definitely someone who can take time to know every aspect of my body, spirit and mind; who can be romantic in bed and daily basis. Last but not least, someone who can make me laugh and respect me as a person.

I don't want just "s-l-h". I want a deeper connection. I mean I go for anything, I'm easygoing, but still.

I might sound a little bit exigent, but I know everyone has that. People just don't take time to know themselves and to be patient around the person they say they love.

My birthday is coming up pretty soon and I just need to figure stuff out. I'm not a teenager anymore, but thank God I'm not that old either... I still got time!

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G said...

Hey love is just part of life but nothing to do with your "happy-happy-joy-joy"... Get yourself together and walk with your head up high!