Thursday, May 02, 2013

As much as I want, it is what it is!

To expect, is always a disappointment.
To live the unexpected, are unpredictable and sometimes undesirable momentums.
To be here and face it like a grown up, is a tough task to handle.

In life there is nothing certain but death.

To fight for the dreams, the goals, and a perfect thought in this unbalanced world not always having karma in our side is a battle only the brave can win.

I pray for the day I see the woman I was meant to be.
I pray for the day that I won’t be judged for seeing life how it is.
I pray for the day that my heart will change to the origins I was once taught.

To love unconditionally,
to laugh for no reason,
to enjoy the day I was privileged to live.

To forgive and forget and simply let go of the past...
What a hard task to be perfect!

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