Thursday, September 24, 2009

do you think of me?

When alone in bed no one holds your hand and as you fall asleep, do you dream of me?

Have you ever wonder, what would have happen if you had never let me go?

No one will be good enough. No one will mature up to your high standards the way I ever did.

When you spend time with her, do you think of me?

Do you miss the attentions, patience, love and my affections?

I bet you still look for me in the middle of the night and wish I was there with you when things are not to hot. But even more wish I was there to share the good moments together.

Have you found someone that makes you laugh the way I do or have conversations that make you loose track of time?

I know you learn a lot from me and wish we could still be together.

When no one else understands you, do you think of me?

I lost myself when you left. My life got turned up side down and now I have more experience than no one in a year. But some one took your place and showed me another side to love. I am truly happy, I'm myself a hundred percent. Even more important someone who understands me!

Sometimes I do wonder. But not enough to let me go back. 'Cause I don't want to go again through all that we did. You made me happy for a time but the expiration date is due.

I'm glad we can be friends and you will always have a special place in my heart. But is just not the same.

Have you ever wonder if you would have done things different what would had happen, were would we be now?

We could have had the best life together, but you realize a little to late.

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