Monday, January 14, 2013

I say I love you...

All our lives enjoying the innocence under the wings of our sheltered parents. To now realize those times passed a long time ago. Today being different should have been a ride to the park, but it's still a tabu. I live like I never said anything to them, like if my words are empty and they never took me serious. Almost like if I don't exist but they live with the illusion of me, a parallel daughter which is perfect just like they dreamt.

The harder they try to change me, the further they push me away. Is not a matter of a flu, is a matter of being born this way. I don't care anymore of hiding, I have no need for it.

These are not reasons for me to love you, these just a few reasons why I want to stay. Is not a matter of running away from my problems, but a matter of being tired of trying to proof myself. I thought many things were fixed between me and my parents but then again is like all I did was make it worst.

With you next to me I have it all, emotionally I am happy. With you I feel I have a family where I can be myself again. Next to you I feel I can do anything because you inspire me to do whatever it takes to make it thru. I want to give you everything. I want to make you happy. I know I am not perfect, but I know that everyday is an opportunity to be better.

I say I love you because next to you I want to stay forever.

I say I love you because even when I am still getting to know you, there will be times were I probably want to go running and instead of you shutting down, that's when I need you to come running after me, the same way I would for you.

We are in this together and even thou I have my house, home is with you. I promise from this point on everything will be for the better and I will not do anything that puts our relationship on a position where you have to wonder why. You are my friend and lover and because of it I consider you in everything I do.

I say I love you because I want to give you everything that I am, what I have yet to discover and the future we are building together.

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