Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i could but i wont

I could make you love me how I want, but I won't.
Is unfair for both.
I want you to feel free to be your own person.

I could make you do so many things if I put my mind into it,
but I won't!
Is not healthy to think I own your mind.

I just want you, as you are, as you can be.
I know I can show you real love.

Love where you feel comfortable to be,
to come and go as you please.
Cuz we both are free to be different,
to enjoy life apart and yet be together as one.

I know we both had it hard. But that doesn't make us bad people.
It made us stronger and better.

I want to have you in my arms and make you mine.
But you will never be my property.
I want you to be you and be able to live the life you want.
But I want to be part of that more amazing person
I know you'll become.

I could do so many things, but I won't cuz is not up to me to decide.
Is destiny making our desires reality!

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