Friday, January 23, 2009

my hands are tight

My hands are tight
my lips are sealed.

Maybe I made a mistake
maybe I'll regret it later.

I know what I'm letting go.
I know it could have been great.
But what's done is done!

I tight my hands
put tape around my mouth
and throw myself in the deepest ocean.

I don't want to feel
I don't want to hurt no more.

I just want to pay the damage I've caused!

Is not that I didn't feel or still do
I know I'll miss you and forever.
But maybe I was just a mission and is already done!

I tight my hands, seal my lips and close my eyes.
I cant believe I let you go,
but what's done is done!


G said...

Everytime you make a descision make it without any regrets... That's part of being alive and live a wonderfull life! enjoy!

jay said...

oh i dont regret anything. even if its not the best descision, cuz there is always a reason why we make them. even if for the world makes no sense.