Friday, July 14, 2006

It is What it Is

Have you ever felt like time stops?
Like that moment last forever?

I can tell you,
It seemed like that instant wasn’t going to pass.
It felt like such a nightmare
When you’re trying so hard in a jiffy to wake up
but no matter what it’s useless.
A dream gives the impression to be an eternity
And it pretty much felt like it.

Everything around me stopped
My thoughts where blurry,
And all those moments I had
To think over what I was going to say?
But my feelings where ready
To be expressed with no fear.
So there I was in a moment;
I never expected
To forever change my life.

But it did!

Some people might say
These kinds of things
Are learned behaviors.

But I say
It’s who I am
And you can’t change that.
And it could even be a decision
Because I decide to believe in myself
And leave behind all those things
That could try to back me away of who I am
And in what I believe.

This is not the beginning
And yet not the end.

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