Thursday, August 17, 2006

Marzo 2003 - How Can People Say?

How can people say “God is not real?”
He is there when ever they need.
How can people be so blind?
If they see God doing things!

I can’t understand people ignorance.
They just want everything so easy.
News flash, God paid the price!
Make it worth it, give all you have.

How can people say “God let humans die?”
If that’s the nature of life!
How can people say “God started the war?”
If that’s not his fault!
We make our own decision. He gave us freedom.
You choose between, good and evil.

I don’t understand why people are like that,
they blame an innocent man, who all he does is right.
He died on a cross just for love
And this mess up world, don’t appreciate what he has done.

How can people say “God is a myth?

1 comment:

Jessie said...

Its true!!! y tambien aca tienes un monton de errores pero comoquiera esta gufiao