Saturday, February 14, 2009


When no one thought I could make it
and everything seem lost for my eyes.
You believed and showed me what it was right in front.

You tough me to trust myself.
You open the door of many possibilities
when you showed me the way.
Right then my life begun to change.

I once more, believe!

When no one saw me as I am, you did and above from beyond.
When I couldn't even understand,
you were patience enough to stick around.

I lost connection with my soul.
Recently I've learn there is so much more about me
I didn't even knew it exist. I was to blind to see!

I've been silent, listening to my inner voice.
I've been hiding; But not no more.

Now I want to be loud, letting the world know I'm here.

"Watch out world, are you ready for me?"

It takes just one person to see and another to believe.
I got lucky, the day you saw me!


G said...

I hope that other person is yourself, you should know better... LV!

jay said...

I know chula! ;)

is a mix of important ppl and the effect they have made in me.

but for the most part is a inner conversation so is me also!